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More about this tool

This tool is a simple and easy to use robots.txt generator for Blogger website. It allows users to generate a robots.txt file for their website by just entering their website link.

This code can be used to block search engines from crawling specific pages on the website, such as search pages, category pages, and tag pages. It also includes the sitemap link for the website which helps search engines to crawl the website more efficiently.

This tool is designed for Blogger website, but can be used for any website by customizing the code. However, it's always recommended to check the generated robots.txt with the Google's robots.txt tester tool before using it on your website.

It's a useful tool for webmasters, bloggers, and website owners who want to customize the way search engines crawl their website. It helps them to improve the SEO of their website and make sure that search engines are only crawling the pages that they want them to crawl.

This Tool is designed by Inputekno from Inputekno.Com. I made this tool to help bloggers easily generate the Robots.txt file for their blogger website for free.